• HRAWI maintains liaison on member’s behalf with different authorities and agencies for an effortless and easy public relation to maintain an image of the Hospitality Industry. We also maintain Liaison with tourism and related departments with the States and the Centre. We collaborate with State / Central Government for promoting foreign and domestic tourism and safeguarding the interests of the Hotel and Restaurant Industry.

  • HRAWI maintains fair standards of customer services, observing professional ethics and by providing guidance to the consumer against unscrupulous operators Legal Counselling and render legal assistance on tax and industry related matters.
  • Members facing any issues pertaining to IPRS, PPL, Novex, Excise, GST related, etc., then HRAWI provides guidance to them, to reply against the notices received by the Member or else if required even on behalf of Member HRAWI and represents issues through legal counsels, etc.
  • HRAWI also share statutory data and other information relating to the Industry.
  • Membership Discount Card & Certificate (ONLY FOR HOTEL & RESTAURANT MEMBERS)

  • HRAWI issues a 20% discount card to two nominees of a Hotel or Restaurant Member on a reciprocal basis. The cards are non-transferable and no change in nomination is permissible during the course of the financial year viz. 1st April to 31st May. The cards are issued only to the functional Hotels & Restaurants and are governed by the Rules & Regulations stipulated by HRAWI.
  • Membership Certificates to Members are issued for display in their Establishment.

  • The HRAWI Website will help you know about the current affairs such as the forthcoming Seminars, FSSAI Training Programs, Fire Marshall’s Training Programme, etc.
  • It is updated with information pertaining to other Member Establishments.
  • It also has copies of the Published HRA Today Monthly Magazines.

  • We arrange meetings, seminars and conventions, through a forum that inculcates exchanges of ideas and information.
  • HRAWI organizes Conferences and Seminars on recent and relevant topics with industry experts.
  • Also conducts Trade Shows and Regional Conventions.
  • On an average, HRAWI organizes 6 – 7 Seminars, every year.
  • From the year 2017, HRAWI till date has conducted 44 Food Safety Training and Certification Programmes and have trained 1563 participants.
  • Members get access to these trainings on discounted rates.

  • HRA Today is a monthly magazine which assures favorable public opinion through our monthly news magazine, by contributing articles and vital statistics of the industry and by utilizing available public media about the industry’s role in the National economy. The magazine also covers information on various happenings at HRAWI and in the Western Region.

  • The Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) Scholarship Trust for Catering Education, is happy to announce grants for Scholarship for children of employees of the Member Establishments, who wish to pursue a career in Hospitality and accordingly invites applications for grant of Scholarship for 1st and 2nd year students. The Scholarship Grant is also extended to children of employees, who are pursuing studies in other streams, too.
  • Employees requiring financial assistance for their children who are studying at the Institutes of Hotel Management in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu, are invited to send in their applications as also children of employees who are pursuing their studies in other streams.
  • After vetting of the applications received, the Trust bears a portion of the amount of tuition fees, payable by the deserving Students to the Institute of Hotel Management directly, at which he / she is studying. Interested and needy students, submit their application, giving full details including a certificate of financial status of their parents, educational and extracurricular achievements, total annual tuition fees payable, etc.
  • Every year, the Association receives approximately 100 - 120 applications and on an average, 60 - 70 applicants who meet the criteria are awarded Grant between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- each.

  • Mail Blast pertaining to Important Communications, Legal Updates, Industry Appointments, Latest F & B Trends, Hotel Mergers and Acquisitions, Information on Industry related products are sent throughout the Western Region.
  • HRAWI Members are eligible to become the FHRAI Member once they have procured membership of the HRAWI. They then become members of our parent body, the FHRAI, across India, as per FHRAI Rules & Regulations.
  • FHRAI circulates An Annual Financial Report on the Hospitality Industry to its Members.
  • Monthly FHRAI Magazine, Members Guide, etc.
  • FHRAI also hosts Annual FHRAI Convention in different regions of India. (East, West, North & South).

  • The Hotel and Restaurant Association Western India has been in touch with the concerned Departments of the State Governments and has requested for adequate measures to be taken to combat the COVID – 19 crisis on the Hospitality Industry.
  • It is in this regard, HRAWI has made Prayers and Recommendations to the State Governments requesting for their support.
  • Apart from the initiatives taken by the HRAWI Secretariat, we have raised and submitted our concerns as a joint effort through the Federation of Hotels & Restaurants Association of India (FHRAI) by conducting Webinars with experts.
  • As part of our Membership Service, FSSAI APPROVED COVID - 19 Awareness Training Programmes were also been organized.

  • To raise the confidence of Guests post Covid-19 opening, the Industry is practicing and promoting “Safe & Responsible” dinning standards.
  • As service needs to be widely adopted by the Industry to give confidence to customers and make them return, HRAWI as part of its Membership service is providing a digital platform as a solution for Guest ordering, Bill generation & payments, for guests to use from the comfort and safety of their own mobile device at the best negotiated rate from ShawMan who is a solution provider and which will be better than what is given to any single Individual outlet or even a group with assured service. It is the need of the hour that the Hospitality Industry provides E-Menu
  • Please click on the given link for details
  • As a part of the same service, your business will also be featured on a New Marketplace that is being launched called DishCo. (The Dish Co.) & will be further linked to feature on Google Search which will help your business get discovered & web links will help customers order directly from you.
  • Further, for HRAWI members, we have negotiated a complete waiver of the on boarding fees towards Payment Gateway services offered by Bill Desk and also managed to get special rates from ShadowFax which is one of India’s largest hyperlocal delivery service and which you as members can avail of to complete your digital offering to raise your customer comfort level but also generate much needed additional income.
  • Service Provider Benefit negotiated
    ShawMan Online Ordering & E-Menu Activation Fee Waiver & Max. Discount
    Bill Desk Payment Gateway Activation Fee Waiver
    ShadowFax Delivery Service Discount on reduced minimum distance
  • To enjoy these benefits, you only need to sign up for the above services by mentioning your membership number which you need to keep active at all times.

  • HRAWI also works together with its Members on a digital platform at large. Accordingly, please find below the links to the HRAWI Social Media Accounts:
  • For any assistance, please feel free to connect with our membership team at / /

Also HRAWI organize seminars for Members, which helps them in their day to day basis

Hotel Members

Any establishment holding a valid Lodging House License issued by the Local Municipal Authority & a license to use the premises as a place of public entertainment by the Local Police Authority, is eligible to become a Hotel member.

Restaurant Members

Any establishment which is holding an Eating House License issued by the Local Municipal Authority & a license to use the premises as a place of public entertainment by the Local Police Authority, is eligible to become a Restaurant member.

Associate Members

Establishments which render services to hotels & restaurants such as travel agents, carriers, suppliers, caterers, consultants, etc. are eligible to become Associate Members.

Affiliated Members

Affiliated membership is open to Trade Associations, training institutes & bodies connected with Education, Research and Development.

Hospitality & Food Service Members

Hospitality & Food Service membership is open to QSRS, Cloud Kitchen, Food Truck.

Regional Fraternity Card Rules

The card are issued only to functional hotels and restaurants, who are members of Hotel and Restaurant Association...